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Areas of Practice

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Tax Planning

The return on an investment, realisation or transfer of an asset can be significantly impacted by the level of tax payable.  Identifying the potential TAX liability, exemptions and concessions associated with particular transactions, circumstances or ownership can ensure an improved net return on an investment or asset realisation. 

In Australia, taxation is a significant aspect of asset and wealth management.  Income tax, CGT, GST, land tax and stamp duty can often put people off from acquiring, transferring or restructuring their affairs.  At Estate Planning Equation, we assist advisors and their respective clients with:

  • Tax-effective planning, structuring and restructuring of investments and businesses;
  • Advice regarding CGT rollover relief, small business CGT concessions and other exemptions;
  • Advice regarding GST exemptions including the going concern exemption;  
  • Tax-effective structuring of Wills;
  • Tax-effective administration of deceased estates;
  • Tax-effective payments of superannuation death benefits;
  • Tax-effective structuring of family law property settlements and child support obligations;
  • Division 7A management for private companies and family discretionary trusts; and
  • State taxes and duty exemptions including land tax and stamp duty.

Case Study

Gareth and Olivia are the only shareholders and directors of a company which owns a block of land.  They are in the middle of their family law property settlement and have settled on transferring the block of land to Olivia as part of their family law property settlement.  They also have a young daughter Rebecca who is in primary school and Gareth is required to provide child support to her pursuant to a child support agreement between Gareth and Olivia.  In doing so, they should consider:

  • The likely income tax, CGT and stamp duty implications on the transfer of the property to Olivia and available exemptions or concessions;
  • The optimal way to structure their family law property settlement to minimise taxes; and
  • Whether the use of a child support trust for Rebecca is viable.