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SwanYiiAsset Protection

The process of building and maintaining wealth can be put into jeopardy because domestic relationships end, disputes occur, or individuals and businesses face financial difficulty.  Careful attention to ASSET PROTECTION can significantly reduce or even eliminate these risks and improve the prospect of assets remaining in place despite a crisis occurring.  Read more

SwanYiiEstate Planning

Assets are usually acquired to benefit people during their lifetime.  An important part of ESTATE PLANNING is to ensure that when a person dies, their wealth passes to benefit their intended beneficiaries and their estate planning documents such as Wills and binding death benefit nominations give effect to their particular circumstances and needs.  Read more

SwanYiiOwnership of Funding

One of the important roles that financial planners play in asset and wealth management is to ensure that plans are formulated in line with an individual's available funding.  The success of that FUNDING is also dependent on careful attention to ownership issues including choice of structure, control, the ability to meet changing circumstances and the preparedness to deal with contingencies.  Read more


It is important that asset and wealth management never becomes a one-size-fits-all service that fails to take into account the particular needs, circumstances and interests of each individual.  To ensure this happens, it is crucial that potential asset and wealth management options are assessed against the individual's overall STRATEGY plan for the accumulation and benefit of their wealth.  Read more


Too often, the source of an individual's financial concerns can be traced back to a failure to make an appropriate choice for the ownership of assets.  The benefit of a an appropriate STRUCTURING option when investment, lifestyle or business assets are acquired or transferred, so often results in reduced income and transaction tax liabilities going forward, as well as ensuring one's strategy is achieved.  Read more


Australian superannuation is a double edged sword, combining taxation and asset protection incentives with investment, control and access restrictions.  SUPERANNUATION does, however, provide a number of options that make the restrictions less of a concern for many people, eg the establishment of self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) and the use of limited recourse borrowing arrangements.  Read more


The return on an investment, realisation or transfer of an asset can be significantly impacted by the level of tax payable.  Identifying the potential TAX liability, exemptions and concessions associated with particular transactions, circumstances or ownership can ensure an improved net return on an investment or asset realisation.  Read more


One of the features of Australian law is that the range of choices in the way assets are held includes a wide range of trust options.  The use of lifetime, testamentary and protective TRUSTS can serve a crucial role in ensuring the protection of assets, appropriate succession of the control of assets and minimising the incidence of tax payable on those assets.  Read more